Telanea's (FTJ Owner) New Journey

Hi Jawn Society! Whew, a lot has changed over the last month with me. And after years of hard work, hustle and burnout...I've decided to step away from the retail portion of the business. I am no longer focused on retail growth. My goal over the next month is to simplify and put processes and procedures in place to improve our customer experience (especially MUCH faster processing times) and then ✌🏽...I'm passing it off to my team. I go into more detail on my podcast episode, "SPIRITUAL JAWN". Links below.

So what's next for me... I'm still getting everything together, but I made the commitment to myself to only do things that fills my soul and aligns with my energy... and I want to invite you guys along on this journey with me.

Here is a list of the things I am (or will) be doing:

The Juggling Jawn Podcast

Just a random, funny, relatable podcast about a jawn juggling... and sometimes struggling😩... being a wife, mom of two and entrepreneur while trying to prioritize self care.

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Jawn Society Book Club

I’ve always had a love for books and I hope to build a community of fellow jawns where we can read and pour into each other. Although Jawn Society Book Club will read many genres, we do focus on books that contribute to our spiritual, mental, and emotional growth; as well as books highlighting BIPOC stories and authors. So join me monthly as we discuss our latest read and touch upon all things relevant to the things we juggle on a daily: relationships, parenting, marriage, business, self love, etc. I hope to explore it all as we talk about the ways that we are inspired and grow though our favorite books.

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"The Healing Jawn" Workshop

Ready to transform your life and step into your power? Welcome to “The Healing Jawn: A No-Nonsense Workshop focusing on to Unconditional Self Acceptance, Mindest, Goal Setting, Healthy Relationships and Routines for Success” a workshop created and facilitated by Tela'nea Forbes designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. This workshop is your roadmap to embracing your authentic self, shifting your mindset, setting and smashing your goals, cultivating healthy relationships, and establishing empowering routines that will revolutionize your daily life.

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Teen Dating Abuse Workshops w/ EACADA

EACADA facilitates Teen Dating Abuse workshops for at-risk youth in Philadelphia through our community partners. We are looking for volunteer facilitators. 


30 Days to 30K: A Customer Experience Bootcamp

A 30 day, intensive, step-by-step mentorship bootcamp designed for small product-based businesses that are ready for actionable customer experience strategies to help you achieve consistent sales. I will teach you the exact strategies that got my product-based e-commerce brand, For The Jawns, to averaging 30K a month. It’s time to elevate your customer experience!.

"Jawn In Training" Mentoring Program

A program for young girls we help through EACADA. Mentoring opportunities will be available.

Sophistaratchet Networking Jawn

Lol... not going to tell you the details of this yet but you're going to love it.🤸🏽‍♂️

xo, T💜